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In my writing and speaking, I present what I believe is compelling evidence on several controversial (and censored) issues that tells a very different story than what is presented in the corporate media.

Whose report will you believe?

My focus is on the “big picture” and the worldview that “connects all the dots” as to what's really going on in the world.

Together they explain why so many things are so messed up, and why many things are not at all as they appear to be, and why much of what we've been led to believe is not actually true.

I believe we all have an important part to play in restoring our communities and our nation, and that much more is possible than we think we can achieve, overcome and change - no matter how impossible a situation may seem.

In fact, that Edison quote is the focus of my Astound Yourself! Podcast (click here for audio-only or here for video)

I have literally astounded myself in taking on many kinds of challenges, big and small, which I also share in various episodes in the podcast.

(Check out Episode #1 to hear about how I went from not being able to walk more than 50-100 yards at a time to finishing over 100 half marathons in all 50 states and 10 full marathons in 6 years' time -- all while in my 60's!.)

I'm still challenging myself to do new things I never thought I could do. And facing the inevitable obstacles and setbacks that are part of the process.

Is there anything you would love to do, overcome or change, but it seems impossible or beyond your ability? (Don't think small!)

If you'd like to go on the journey with me, I'd love to hear from you about your aspirations, goals, and the obstacles you're facing.

Email me at:

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I plan to present in the future.

What Others Have Said About Sally

Sally has an amazing gift to inspire vision and purpose and an incredible ability to face seemingly impossible tasks and overcome them.  This is reflected in her teaching which is full of

wisdom and will motivate and mobilize others to achieve their highest goals.     


JANE HAMON, International Speaker, Author & Minister,

Co-Senior Pastor, Vision Church @ Christian International, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

I want to be in anything Sally Saxon teaches!

IRENE F., Florida

Sally can take a big or complex subject and make it simple and easy to understand. She gave me greater confidence and boldness to move out of my comfort zone to get breakthroughs in my life. 

Sally's teaching is like hidden treasure!

M. KIM, Texas

Sally unlocks God's plans for your life and 'gently jolts' you out of your comfort zone

to do things you never thought you could do.


I was challenged beyond my own understanding. Sally's gift of clarity was making me take an

honest look at my Life's Purpose. It does not matter where you have been,

what you already know, but she establishes hope for your future.

"I loved it.  You are amazing."

LYDIA S., Wisconsin

Sally's courses are always informative and well planned. She ensures that each student is

learning and making progress because she genuinely cares for her students and

that they're getting results in their lives. I have definitely shifted from

who I was to being a better person after being in Sally's class.

RACHEL R.,Florida

I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this phenomenal mentoring/coaching program. 

You truly are a blessing.  Thank you for pouring your wisdom, anointing and experience into

us each week.  The materials and instructional guides are so rich with information. 

I feel like I've been given a new charge, a new anointing and mantle to carry out what

God has put in my heart.  I feel focused. You have poured so much into me

that I feel like I'm like a cup that wants to overflow.

SUSAN L., Virginia

Coaching brought excitement in my soul. I was being gently jolted seeing the pieces to the puzzle

in my life beginning to come together.  I have been empowered!   I highly recommend this

coaching challenge. My thinking has changed and I’m on my journey. Thank you Sally,

you’re a jewel! Your coaching class has changed my focus!  

CAROLYN M., Maryland

I've always been confident, but this class, this coaching, mentoring session has just been a pivotal moment in my life to be able to identify my purpose and jot down my vision, because that has put me on track and in alignment with what God has created me to do. And I don't know if I would've gotten

there without this program. I'm ever grateful. It has truly transformed me in the past month

or so. I'm just so thankful for you and thankful for this opportunity.

M.THOMAS., Virginia


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