How and why much more is possible for you than you think you can achieve, do, overcome or change – so you can literally astound yourself!

Taking a stand against the globalist agenda

The Spiritual War Behind "All Things Covid"

The globalists’ ultimate endgame (hint: it’s not just money, power & control and depopulation)

Fighting the globalist agenda and dealing with other life issues through “Spiritual Warfare”

Why should anyone believe that the Bible is what it claims to be? The amazing and overwhelming evidence of God’s Intelligent Design

Why is the Biblical worldview the only one that provides an explanation that "connects all the dots"?

The basics of a personal relationship with God 

How to “hear” the “voice” of God

How to discover your God-given purpose – why did He create YOU, specifically?

How to avoid being deceived in an age of massive deception  

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